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Featured products

Cliniclean Light Touch Care Wipes

Cliniclean LIGHT TOUCH Care Wipes are soft, strong, absorbent and very economical. 100% Polypropylene treated to absorb liquid. Perfect for Nursing Home/Care Home use.


Cliniclean DISPERSIBLE Care Wipes

CliniClean DISPERSIBLE Care Wipes are soft, absorbent and strong - yet will break down fairly quickly when submerged in running water. Similar to our regular Care Wipes, these towels are ideal where speedy and hygienic disposal is important. Also available - REGULAR Care Wipes and LIGHT TOUCH Care Wipes (Economical)


Cliniclean Regular Care Wipes

Cliniclean Care Wipes are manufactured from Supersoft Spunlace Non-Woven Fabric and are the perfect product for Care wipe applications. Also Available are DISPERSIBLE (Flushable) Care Wipes and LIGHT TOUCH (Economical) Care Wipes.