BodyCare Patient Wetwipes

Ready-to-Use, Impregnated Patient-Care Wetwipes in a self-contained pop-up tub

Non-Woven fabric wipes in a soft thermal-bonded fabric

  • Absorbent & Hygienic - IMPREGNATED with "Patient Care" gentle cleaning solution
  • Ready-to-Use pop-up wetwipes in a convenient tub
  • Personal Care wetwipes for nursing homes, nurseries, etc;
  • Convenient and perfect for all personal wiping applications
  • Patient Care Solution is a gentle cleaner with added MOISTURISER to ensure skin hydration
  • Supplied in a self-contained plastic tub with pop-up lid spout.


 Roll Size & Pack :

Centre-Feed Rolls to fit Special Dispenser Tub

  • 280mm wide x 280mm perforations x 150 sheets per roll

White Plastic Dispenser Tub

  • 1 roll (impregnated) in each self-contained tub.