Cottonette Crumple Wipes

Cottonette Crumple wipes are manufactured from 35gsm Apertured "Wavy Line" patterned Spunlace Non-Woven Fabric.
  • Cottonette Crumple Wipes are manufactured from regular & "downgraded" 1st quality fabric.
  • Brand-New fabric cut into large-sized wipes and "crumple-packed" into cases.
  • Absorbent & Hygienic - Can be rinsed/washed and re-used.
  • Multi-Purpose - Perfect for Janitorial, Catering & Foodservice
  • Perfect for all types of wiping - available in mixed colours or Colour Coded.
  • This product is consistent in quality and style.
  • Available in a 4-kilo crumple-packed case.
  • Choice of 5 colours   Choice of BLUE, RED, GREEN, YELLOW & WHITE

Crumple-Packed cases:

  • 450mm x 450mm approx (Standard Size)

 Pack Quantity:

  • 4 kilo gr. weight case