GermBuster Wetwipes

GermBuster Wetwipe Rolls - made from 35gsm/38gsm Spunlace Non-Woven fabric.
  • WHITE Spunlace Non-Woven fabric wipes
  • Absorbent & Hygienic - IMPREGNATED with "Germbuster" non-tainting sanitising solution
  • Multi-Purpose - Ideal for Janitorial, Catering, Foodservice
  • Ideal in Kitchens, Restaurants & all General Hygiene applications
  • Foodsafe solution kills bacteria and germs upon contact.
  • Supplied in a self-contained plastic 10 litre or 6.2 litre tub with pop-up lid spout.
  • Supplied in WHITE, but other colours may be possible
  • PERFECT for personal hygiene applications - all hard surfaces - 99.99% effective against germs.
  • Effective against Corona Virus, E.coli, MRSA


These Wetwipe Rolls are for PROFESSIONAL and BUSINESS USE only.

Roll Sizes & Packs :

Germ-Buster Wetwipe Rolls (2025-500)

  • 200mm x 250mm x 500 sheets per roll
  • 35gsm apertured wavy-line spunlace nonwove fabric
  • 6.2 litre plastic dispenser tub with "pop-up" spout
  • 150 tubs per pallet
  • Impregnated with a very effective anti-bacterial solution



Laboratory Test Results - Germbuster BSEN1276 Certification

Laboratory Test Results - Germbuster BSEN1650

Laboratory Test Results - Germbuster BSEN16615:2015

Laboratory Test Results - Germbuster MSDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Laboratory Test Results - Germbuster Challenge Test (Shelf-Life Test)