HYDRA "MAGIC" SPONGE is a soft, synthetic sponge - compressed to reduce storage space!
  • FULL SIZE synthetic sponge - compressed to save space until used
  • Supplied in it's own individual sealed pack
  • Highly absorbent and durable
  • Compressed down to just 7mm thick - expands to 100mm when expanded
  • Absorbs many times it's own weight in water - HIGHLY Absorbent
  • Use just like a regular sponge...... will automatically expand to FULL SIZE when wet
  • Perfect for all automotive valeting and general cleaning applications
  • Being synthetic, the sponge remains fresh and ready-to use time and time again

Individually sealed in it's own compressed pack

  • 210mm x 110mm x 100mm thick when expanded for the first time
  • Blister Packed with euroslot
  • (100 pieces per outer case)