Muttex Polishing Cloths

Muttex Polishing Cloths are manufactured from 40-50gsm apertured Spunlace non-woven fabric that feels just like real mutton cloth.
  • Soft, Absorbent and Low Linting
  • Large sized polishing wipes, crumple-packed for easy use
  • Solvent resistant - CANNOT SCRATCH
  • The apertures in the cloth take in dirt, polish etc;
  • Ideal for Car Valeting, Bodyshop, Showroom and Workshop
  • Polishing fabric "grabs" dust, lint and debris
  • Perfect polishing, perfect finishing without lint! (Unlike stockinette!)
  • Muttex feels just like "mutton cloth" and is a really great polishing product!

Pack Details:

  • Large Polishing pieces (450mm x 750mm approx)
  • Crumple-Packed into a 4 kilo (gr.) case