POP Box Wipes

POP BOX Wipes are folded wipes in a special no-handle carry-dispenser box. Three different wipes for three different applications.
  • POP BOX - a great portable wiping cloth dispenser system
  • A selection of THREE DIFFERENT Wipes for different wiping jobs -
  • (i)  SOLV-it -POP-Box Solvent Base Panel Wipes
  • (ii) ATLAS POP-Box Panel Wipes (also solvent resistant)
  • (iii)PREMIUM POP-Box Polishing Wipes
  • Great for the Bodyshop, Showroom, Workshop & General Engineering
  • Ideal as a mobile wiping cloth system - portable and convenient

Pack Details:

  • SOLV-it Quarter-Folded - 355mm x 400mm x 100 towels
  • ATLAS Quarter-Folded - 355mm x 450mm x 125 towels
  • PREMIUM Quarter-Folded - 355mm x 375mm x 100 towels