Supertuf Wipes

Highly Absorbent split-fibre Microfibre Non-Woven wipes. Durable, versatile and extremely economical.
  • SuperTuf Wipes are manufactured from SPLIT FIBRE Nonwoven Fabric.
  • Cut into large-sized wipes and "semi-crumple/flat-packed" into cases.
  • Absorbent & Hygienic - Can be rinsed/washed and re-used.
  • Pack Contains MEDIUM and HEAVYWEIGHT Towels
  • Multi-Purpose - Perfect for Industrial, Engineering, Printing and Automotive use
  • Perfect industrial-grade heavy-duty wipes - perfect as a RAG REPLACEMENT wipe.
  • Available in a variety of semi-crumple-packed cases   

Crumple-Packed cases:

  • 400mm/500mm x 600mm approx

 Pack Quantity:

  • 2.5 kilogr. weight case
  • 5 kilo gr. weight case