H & S Info - Novette

Novette Super Health & Safety Information:


Effective Date:


Product Name:


Product Type

Non-Woven H/E wiper with integral ANTI-BACTERIAL agent


Wiper Supply Services Ltd,   41 Sedgwick Road, Luton, Beds LU4 9DT

Preparation Composition:

AMOLDEN -MC Super (MCP Super) (Mould/fungus proofing agent)
Active Ingredient: Imidazol compound (1%) (Non-Ionic)

Hazard Identification:

Not classified as hazardous - Essentially NOT TOXIC in use.

Health Effects

Eyes: None

Skin: No adverse reaction recorded.

Ingestion: Essentially Non Toxic - cloths should not be ingested.

Inhalation: Non Toxic - n/a



Emergency Measures:

Fire Extinguishing Media: Use water spray, foam, dry chemical, powder etc;

Handling & Storage

Storage should be dry, out of direct sunlight, away from heat/ignition.

Exposure Control:


Respiratory Protection:

Not required

Physical & Chemical Properties

Disposable wipers with antibacterial properties, designed to reduce/inhibit the growth of bacteria within the cloths during and after use..

Stability & Reactivity:

Stable under normal conditions. Avoid extremes of temperature. There are no known materials to avoid.

Toxicological Info:

The constituents of this product are classified as NON-TOXIC


Dispose in accordance with all local/national regulations.

Transport Info:

This product is "NOT HAZARDOUS" for transport

Regulatory Info:

This product DOES NOT require special H &S labelling as it is NOT CLASSIFIED.

National Legislation:

UK Legislation: SI 1993/1746 Chemicals (Hazard Info: & Packaging) regulations 1993. SI 1988/1657: The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations.

Biocidal Report

Test material: 80gsm Hydra spunlaced Nonwoven Cloths (Novette Super)
1% antibacterial agent wet on 200% spunlaced material
Test method: JIS L-1902: Anti-bacteria standard test method (fibre prods)
Test method: JIS Z-2911: Anti-mycosis standard test method (fibre prods)
Test Bacteria: Escherichia coli IFO 3301
Test Bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538P
Test Mycosis: JIS Z-2911: Anti-mycosis standard test for
mycosis for fibres
Test 1)
- Aspergillus niger FERM S-1
Test 2)
- Penicillium citrinum FERM S-5
- Chaetomium globosum FERM S-11
- Myrothecium verrucaria FERM S-11
- (Compound of these three items)