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Wetwipe Health & Safety Information:



Product Names:

Grime-Buster Wetwipes 400/500 - soft strong cleaning wipes for grease, oil and grime!  From www.wipersupply.com Grime-Buster Wetwipes (150 sheets) - perfect for hand and tool wiping - oil, grease, grime & dirt.  Form www.wipersupply.com Paint-Buster Wetwipes - perfect for cleaning Paint and Inks from hands and tools.  From www.wipersupply.com Very gentle Patient Care Wipes in a pop-up tub.  BodyCare Patient Wetwipes - 150 sheets per tub - from www.wipersupply.com

Grime-Buster Wetwipes - powerful grease & grime hand and tool wiping - from www.wipersupply.com Paint-Buster Wetwipes - powerful Paint and Ink cleaning for hands and tools - from www.wipersupply.com Grime Buster Plus - slightly abrasive for effective cleaning of hands and tools. From www.wipersupply.com


Product Type

Wetwipe Preparations


Wiper Supply Services Ltd,
41 Sedgwick Rd, Luton Beds LU4 9DT

Preparation Composition:

An aqueous solution containing cleansing/bactericidal buffering, moisturising, drying solvent and emolliating agents for degreasing & cleaning.

  • Grime-Buster 500-sheet tub

  • GrimeBuster PLUS 50-sheet tub

  • Paint-Buster 500-sheet tub

  • Paint-Buster PLUS 150-sheet tub

  • Graffiti-Buster 150-sheet tub

  • BodyCare Patient Wetwipes 500-sheet tub

Hazard Identification:

Not classified as hazardous - Essentially NOT TOXIC in use.

Health Effects

Eyes: May cause slight transient irritation. Keep out of eyes.

Skin: No adverse reaction recorded. Considered generally safe for most skin types.

Ingestion: Essentially Non Toxic - should not be ingested - use only as directed.

Inhalation: Non Toxic - n/a


Eyes: Flush the eyes with fresh water for 10 mins. holding the eye open. Seek medical advice if soreness/redness persists.

Skin: N/a.

Ingestion: Rinse mouth with fresh water.

Inhalation: Remove from situation.

Emergency Measures:

Fire Extinguishing Media: Use water spray, foam, dry chemical, powder etc;


Protective Equipment: N/a


Accidental Release Measures: N/a

Handling & Storage

Do not mix with other chemicals.

Storage should be dry, out of direct sunlight, away from heat/ignition.
Flashpoint is in excess of 55 degrees C.

Wetwipe products will not ignite under normal conditions and use, including direct flame.

Exposure Control:


Respiratory Protection:

Not normally required

Physical & Chemical Properties

Wet (Impregnated) wetwipes, with (some) antibacterial properties.

Stability & Reactivity:

Stable under normal conditions. Avoid extremes of temperature. There are no known materials to avoid.

Toxicological Info:

The constituents of these preparations are classified as NON-TOXIC

Ecological Info:

These products are readily biodegradable. They is not expected to bioaccumulate.


Dispose in accordance with all local/national regulations. Containers: Where possible, rinse containers with clean water, and dispose in accordance with all local/national regulations.

Transport Info:

Products are "NOT HAZARDOUS" for transport

Regulatory Info:

This product DOES NOT require special H &S labelling as it is NOT CLASSIFIED.

Other info:

A biocidal report is available for these products upon request

National Legislation:

UK Legislation: SI 1993/1746 Chemicals (Hazard Info: & Packaging) regulations 1993. SI 1988/1657: The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations.